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Registration is OPEN. International Conference "Syndromic ASD: Fragile X Syndrome (FXS)", May 19 2021

Aim of Conference – introduction to the current neurobiological, clinical and psychological research of FXS and modern approaches to the detection, diagnostics, therapy and support to the family.
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Registration for the webinar on the SPELL framework (UK) now OPENED

Webinar "SPELL - an Integrated Framework for the Individuals with ASD. United Kingdom experience" will held at December 9, 2020, from 11.40 am to 7 pm (Moscow time). The webinar will have two-language format (Russian/English).
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Employment of people with ASD and an interview with Temple Grandin in the journal "Autism and Developmental Disorders"

A new issue (No. 3-2020) of the journal "Autism and Developmental Disorders" (Russia) has been published on the Russian Psychological Issues The issue was formed by the articles from key speakers of the VII International Conference "Autism: Challenges and Solutions" from the USA, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia. The issue's guest editor - Director of the Autism Research Institute, Stephen Edelson (USA) made a video introduction of the issue.
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On the growing up and remote support of autistic Individuals in the new issue of Journal "Autism & Development Disorders"

New issue of Journal "Autism & Developmental Disorders" is devoted to the topics of growing up of ASD individuals and to the remote support of people with autism
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Stephen Edelson on the biology of autism: Genetics is important, but also environment is

Stephen Edelson, PhD, executive director of Autism Research Institute (San-Diego, USA) commented on the topic of biology of autism.
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International Conference on DIR/Floortime®. 22-24 April 2019.

International scientific-practical conference Innovations in Autism Interventions: Research and Practice of DIRFloortime® Moscow, Russia April 22-24, 2019
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December 26 was held a workshop "How to help a child with ASD to be successful in a regular school"

The event was carried out at December 26, at

Federal Resource Center organized Conference within the II Congress on Mental Health (5-7 October 2018)

On October 6, 2018, the International Conference "Educational aspects of autism within the concept of the human life cycle" was held within the of the II CONGRESS ON MENTAL HEALTH: MEETING THE NEEDS OF THE XXI CENTURY.
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Summing up III  Conference "Comprehensive Support for Children with ASD"

III  Conference "Comprehensive Support for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)" was held in Moscow.
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November 27. Moscow-Delhi videoconference on ASD Issues

What is the situation like with autism studies in Russia and India? Are there any joint projects in this sphere? What effective technology support and education in this area for various age groups does Russia have? What tools can Russian researchers suggest to their Indian counterparts? These and many other questions will be addressed by representatives of Moscow State University of Psychology and Education during a videoconference organized by Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency in Moscow. 
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28 - 30 November. III Conference «Comrehensive support to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders»

III Conference «Comrehensive support to children with ASD» will held in Moscow from 28 to 30 November 2018.

21 September, 2018. Workshop on TEACCH approach at Federal Resource Center.

21 September Federal Resource Center and Moscow State University of Psychology & Education held workshop "Structured TEACCH® Approach in treatment children with ASD" Lecturer: Anne Haussler, Ph.
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«Autism Europe» Genderal Assambley (11-13 May 2018). Delegation of Federal Resource Center.

Delegation of Federal Resource Center attended «Autism Europe» Genderal Assambley in Rotterdam (Netherlands) on May 12.

Moscow International Education Fair 2018 (18 - 22 April, 2018). FRC participation.

The exhibition of the Moscow International Education Fair 2018 embodies the concept of the educational ecosystem as a sphere of communication between equal participants of the educational process.

World Autism Awareness Day. Сharitable festival «People as people» (April 2, 2018)

On April 2 2018 Federal Recource Center took part in the organization of family inclusive festival «People as people» (#Людикаклюди) timed to World Autism Awareness Day.

Carol POVEY (National Autistic Society, UK). Greeting to the participants of the conference

The II scientific and practical conference «Comprehencive support to children with autism spectrum disorders», Moscow, November 28-30, 2017.

Lorraine DORMAND (National Autistic Society, UK). Interview & visit to FRC

Lorraine DORMAND, the principal of Robert Ogden School (National Autistic Society, UK) visited Federal Resource Center for Organization of Comprehensive Support to Children with ASD during the IV International Conference "Inclusive Eduication: continity of inclusive culture and practics"