Registration for the webinar on the SPELL framework (UK) now OPENED

Registration for the seminar "SPELL - an Integrated Framework for the Individuals with ASD. United Kingdom experience" is opened.

Webinar will held at December 9, 2020, from 11.40 am to 7 pm (Moscow time). The webinar will have two-language format (Russian/English).


The aim of the seminar is to present the basic principles of the SPELL framework applied in the building of the system of support to children, adolescents and adults with ASD in the UK.

Applying the SPELL approach for over 50 years, the National Autism Society (NAS) has supported children, adolescents and adults with autism in the UK and beyond. The SPELL approach is based on current scientific knowledge in the field of autism. Taking into account the needs of individuals with ASD at different stages of their life, the approach allows to build a successive system of continuous support of persons with ASD. 

The seminar will be conducted by experts from the National Autism Society (UK):

  • Niki DANIEL, PhD, Senior Trainer of the NAS
  • Mandy RUTTER, autism trainer and consultant, NAS

More information on SPELL framework on the NAS website

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